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Our Story

Every program, event and tool inside the Autism Fitness framework is designed to enable effective, fun and meaningful fitness outcomes for every individual across the spectrum.

Our Mission.

The Autism Fitness® Movement for Movement premise is simple; Deliver the highest standard of fitness and adapted PE programming through our Autism Fitness Certification®, consultations with ASD professionals and enable families worldwide access to our tools and experts locally. We consider fitness a life skill that is a necessity (not an option) for quality of life, optimal development, and lifelong independence.

What We Do Best.

Provide real, usable strategies to lead fitness and adapted PE programs for individuals of any age and ability level. Using our exclusive PAC Profile® assessment, allows you to take the guesswork out of programming. You'll have confidence and clear results with all your athletes.

How We Do It.

Using the latest tools and technology we've created a hybrid (online and hands-on practical) Autism Fitness Certification®, Distance and On-site Consulting tools, E-books, and access to our Autism Fitness® Certified Professionals.

Why It Works.

The PAC Profile® assesses 3 key skills. Physical, Adaptive and Cognitive and addresses each ability, then provides effective exercise programming and behavioral support strategies based on the results. The PAC Profile® is a best practices approach. Whether you are a professional or family member, you will develop the ability to incorporate a successful fitness program into your business, school, or home and have access to ongoing support.

CEO & Founder

Eric Chessen, M.S.

Eric Chessen has spent nearly two decades developing successful fitness and adapted PE programs for the autism and special needs populations. An exercise physiologist with an educational and clinical background in Applied Behavior Analysis, Eric created Autism Fitness first as his private practice with 1-to-1 and small group programs, building a dedicated team to evolve the company into the educational and certification leader in the industry.

Eric has spent 17+ years as a consultant and fitness program director for Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, and his programs have been featured on Yahoo News, VICE Media, and he's recently presented at TEDx.

Eric serves as the Lead Instructor for the Autism Fitness Certification. Eric has worked with his Autism Fitness athletes of all ages and ability levels in nearly every environment, from near closet-sized home spaces to fully equipped gyms. He resides in Charlotte, NC and is now working with new athletes 1-to-1 and consulting with local families on a limited basis. He is also the Co-Founder of strength equipment company StrongerthanU.com.

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