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Parents and Caregivers

Bring fun, meaningful programs to those in your care

Long-term fitness and physical health starts now, regardless of age or ability levels. We support proactive parents and family members who want to bring effective fitness programs into the home and into the lives of those they love and care for. Let Autism Fitness® be your professional guide through our distance consulting and "Try This @ Home" workshops.

The Autism Fitness® Try This @ Home workshop for parents and caregivers is a 3 hour workshop presented by our select Level I Certified Professionals who want to deepen their relationship with the local autism community, develop public speaking and presentation skills, and is a prerequisite for the Autism Fitness™ Level II Certification. For more info on The Autism Fitness® Try This @ Home workshop please contact us.

Upcoming Parent Workshops

Autism Society and Ring Around The Spectrum

Autism Fitness Try this @ Home

Are you one of those highly motivated, totally dedicated, teach-me-and-I'll-follow-through parents? The kind therapists and specialists marvel at and appreciate to no end? Do you want to bring fun, meaningful fitness programs for your son or daughter into the home? Autism Fitness is here for you! Join Autism Fitness

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