Every program, event and tool inside the Autism Fitness framework is designed to enable effective, fun and meaningful fitness outcomes for
every individual across the spectrum.

Our Mission.

Today, the goal of Autism Fitness is to bring effective, fun, and meaningful fitness and Adaptive PE programs to as many on the autism spectrum as possible. Through the educational branch of Autism Fitness (info products, on-site and distance consulting, and seminars), the mission is to educate and enable fitness professionals, special educators, therapists, and parents. As fitness should be treated as a life skill and lifelong pursuit, it is crucial that every individual, regardless of age or ability have access to exercise and movement programs that meet their needs.

What We Do Best.

We create programs and tools for trainers, therapists, educators and parents who work with the autism population – plus a dedicated community of like minded professionals essential to ongoing professional development.

How We Do It.

Autism Fitness provides a multivariate approach so that you can approach learning from every angle. Download ready texts, on demand video and hands on training opportunities give you what you need to love your learning experience.

Why It Works.

Deep learning occurs over a lifetime, not in a weekend. Start with solid foundational knowledge, add a team for support, and you have the best way to start building expert skills. Enjoy the proven systems that provide the key to maximizing your mastery.

CEO & Founder

Eric Chessen

When just beginning my career as a fitness trainer over fifteen years ago, Eric had the opportunity to develop fitness programs for teens on the autism spectrum and undergo high level ABA training both clinically and academically. As he became increasingly dedicated to working with this unique population, Eric found a near-total lack of information concerning best practices and approaches when creating fitness programs for those with autism.

Steadily, and over the course of a decade working with hundreds of athletes who had significant variance in their ability levels, he began to create the outline for Autism Fitness as a business and mission; providing not just fitness programs, but effective and reliable fitness programs for every individual with autism and related disabilities. Autism Fitness was to serve as a bridge between the professional fitness and autism communities (families, educators, and therapists).

Today, with his athletes in the greater New York Area, the Autism Fitness Toolbox, and the Autism Fitness Certified Practitioner program, Eric continues to build a gateway towards a more optimal, independent future for the ASD community and future generations. When not working with his athletes he is either in the gym, playing outside with friends, or reading.