Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification


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Course Overview

In Level 1, you’ll uncover the complex intersection of Applied Behavior Analysis, Learning Styles & Systems in Education and Exercise Sciences, that together forms the underlying functional framework of Autism Fitness. You’ll explore Autism – the medical history, symptoms, and evidence based strategies to overcome known developmental deficits, plus unique ways to adapt fitness programming to meet these unique needs.

There is no other training like this in the world and a must if you’re planning or already are bringing fitness programs to those with autism. Eric Chessen’s Autism Fitness Certification is the culmination of Autism Fitness programming strategies tested, implemented, and refined over a decade.

What's Included

  • The Autism Fitness Toolbox ($299 value)
  • The Autism Fitness Guidebook
  • PAC Profile & Assessment Tools
  • Exam & Certificates of Completion
  • Discounted Autism Fitness Equipment Package Coming Soon from
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  • Post Certification support & materials to share success stories, tips and ideas
  • Access: Certified Professional Facebook Group
  • Certified Professional Listing on
  • Marketing Support
  • Mentorship Program Pre-qualification